Empowered Black Girls

Afro Girls is committed to redefining the narrative of the Black girl in America by empowering our girls. We inspire our girls to be responsible leaders, innovators and changemakers who use their influence to make a difference in their communities. We believe in the potential of all people, especially in our girls. Our efforts aim to help our girls realize their worth and boundless potential. We influence education reform, encourage literacy, promote creativity and social entrepreneurship, and build thriving communities. 


It takes a village to raise queens, so we partner with supporting organizations to ensure inclusive, relevant and effective learning outcomes for our girls.

We are launching our new and improved leadership program this fall!

Black Girls and Education

Despite the high achievements and major accomplishments of Black women around the world, Black girls in America still face significant barriers to quality education. Barriers like stereotypes, racism and adultification, adversely impact the experiences that Black girls unfairly endure simply because of the color of their skin. Studies have also shown that adults view black girls as less innocent and more adult-like than other girls of the same age, especially between 5–14 years old.  Additionally, they are viewed as needing less nurturing, protection, support and comfort; being more independent despite their age; and knowing more about adult topics, including sex. All of which impact their education and well-being.

Empowered Black Girls

We're committed to positively impacting the narrative of Black girls in America through education initiatives. We focus on creating enriching programming, safe spaces for girls to speak up for themsleves, and positive representations in the media and everyday life. Through this, we explore building skills in topics such as leadership, service, teamwork, positive and realistic representation, literacy, financial literacy, social entrepreneurship, media, healthy living and hygiene, WASH and STEAM. 

Black Girl Magic

We are committed to promoting, partnering and investing in schools and organizations who are doing the groundwork across America to provide healthy and positive spaces for Black girls. We are also partnered with ByBlkWomen, a community for trailblazing Black women around the world who use stories to create positive influences for girls like us. As we build, we are also responsible for collaborating with our men and boys to help them understand the empowered versions of ourselves. Successful representation of Black girls in America involves everyone.