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Our Let Girls Lead campaign is our opportunity to reimagine education through a multi-sector, cross-sectional, inter-generational lens. As we stand in solidarity with our girls, we will gather commitments from influencers of change and recommendations from our girls on how we can holistically amplify their voices, protect their well-being and build back better.

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This initiative seeks to build confidence, courage and creativity through our programs and partnerships. This will allow our girls to connect and build while achieving the SDGs in their communities. Through this, our girls are motivated and develop teamwork, financial literacy skills, problem-solving skills, compassion, self-esteem. and a number of other pertinent skills. Our partners also help us tackle the issues of representation, security, health and wellbeing in the lives of these girls. Once a month, we host Leadership Saturday, our premier Leadership Program held virtually for girls ages 5-17.

AFRO SMART GIRLS seeks to close the majorly disproportionate gender gap in technology. As the world gears up for the fourth industrial revolution (4IR), we are teaming up with organizations that understand the importance of digital inclusion, STEAM programs and curriculum and the value of smart phones in the lives of young women and girls. 

Programmes & Activities

We're providing support to organizations that encourage girls in STEAM, sports, media and other non-traditional programmes and activities that girls and young women have been excluded from in the past.

Smart Girls App

We re-designed the Smart Girls app to share encouraging messages, that will build self-worth, encourage self-compassion, promote sisterhood and share resources with tween and teenage girls around the world who are looking for smart answers on their smartphones.

LEARN & LEAD gives girls the physical tools they need to learn, succeed and lead from early education. Through partnering organizations, we help provide the basic needs for girls and young women, such as sanitary napkins, personal hygiene products, school uniforms, school supplies, books, food and more! We also acknowledge our education leaders who make learning possible.

Literacy & Learning

We're providing reading materials outside of the curriculum to encourage learning & literacy, to girls through partnering orgs. Our Read to Lead Initiative promotes literacy through children's and young adult literature. We provided 100+ books to children via our reading partners in 2020 through our #ReadToLeadBookDrive

School Supplies

A number of schools and girls do not have the basic resources and supplies needed to provide quality education to their students. We're providing school supplies to girls through partnering orgs.

School Uniforms

In Africa, girls who are able to attend school find it difficult to start because their guardians can't afford the school uniform. We're providing uniforms to girls through partnering orgs.

Menstrual Hygiene

Girls should not feel ashamed of their healthy, normal development. Many adolescent girls, lack the understanding about their cycle, miss school or even drop out of school altogether because of their period. We're providing feminine hygiene products through partnering orgs.

Zero Hunger

On empty stomachs, kids become easily distracted and have problems concentrating on their lessons. We're providing resources for feeding projects to girls through partnering orgs.

WASH Projects

Girls are disproportionately affected by a lack of access to clean water in many parts of Africa. We're providing resources for WASH projects to girls through partnering orgs.

Teacher Appreciation

The impact that our female teachers have on our young girls is widely underrated. We're acknowledging and rewarding our women teachers who are dedicated to building strong and bold women throughout the year.


Our partners go the distance. We are committed to promoting and investing in schools and organizations who are doing the groundwork to advocate for girls and advance girls education. Our partners currently positively impact girls and communities in the US, Kenya, Uganda, Democratic Republic of Congo, and Tanzania.

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