Let Girls Lead Afro Girls Lead


Since the beginning of time our girls have been taught to play the game of life safely and not be “too much.” In some parts of the world, our identity is discredited before we are even born. Our gender reveal is almost immediately followed up with “don’t worry, you will have a boy next.” If we make it into the world, we are taught to be perfect little girls. We are taught to play it safe, to avoid bruising our knees, and to be good girls. They say that we should be ladies who are seen and not heard, be good cooks and good helpers. They say that we should be blamed for being abused because of who we are.  They say that we should be selfless in a world full of selfish people. They say that we are not enough.


What they say stops here.


Inspired by former first lady of the United States Michelle Obama’s Let Girls Learn, our new campaign, Let Girls Lead, is a call to action for the advancement of quality and culturally inclusive girls education through effective leadership - from both influencers of change and girls themselves.


Our girls make sound and ambitious decisions everyday and deserve to lead in their own right, in every area of their lives. It’s our responsibility to nurture their ambition by giving them the tools, opportunities and support that they need to do so, and do so fiercely.


Let Girls Lead is an opportunity to reimagine education through a multi-sector, cross-sectional, inter-generational lens. As we stand in solidarity with our girls, we will gather commitments from influencers of change (policy influencers) which will be measured periodically.  We will also gather recommendations from our girls on how we can holistically amplify their voices, protect their well-being and build back better from the COVID-19 pandemic in every way possible.


We’re not only calling on our girls or policy influencers, but we are calling on you, our champions of change, to join us as we cultivate these spaces:


Girls, policy influencers and champions of change take the pledge to Let Girls Lead. We will periodically measure the impact made from commitments made.


To our girls; you have permission to be brave, smart and bold when they say that your hair is too big, opinions too strong, or dreams too unrealistic. Be leaders. Be innovators. Be change makers. Be spartans! Take risks. Try, fail and get back up again. Be afraid and still show up for yourselves. Be consistent, be hopeful and be courageous. Believe in yourself. Be fierce scholars and phenomenal feminists. Don’t just watch people live, do the living. Be kind to yourself and others. Use your voice, speak up for humanity and lead with compassion and empathy.

Be proud of yourselves and dream bigger than big. Lead.