Happy New Month Queens! Last month I shared Dear African Girl: An open letter to our future women. Fortunately/unfortunately, I am well beyond my days of being a girl, but each and every day I strive to be the very best for the African girl inside of me. She is represented in my personal and professional relationships, my creativity and my overall definition of womanhood.

Sometimes her insecurities get the best of me, but more times than not, she just wants to be heard.

Every girl just wants to be heard. Every girl just wants to be seen and respected. Every girl just wants the opportunity to be a better version of herself.

I started Afro because 52 million African girls currently don't have the opportunity to be the better versions of themselves. These girls, who should be learning in primary or secondary schools, are at home due to a number of traditional - anti-inclusive gender norms. Many of them are taking care of children - their own - answering to the title of small wife. They're the secret to ending poverty, but their potential is ignored.

The #AfricanGirl Campaign seeks to provide access to quality education for girls across Africa. Our efforts aim to influence education reform, provide the necessary resources for school fees and proper infrastructure and partner with supporting organizations to ensure inclusive, relevant and effective learning outcomes for the girls who are not in school.

Our African Girl Tee celebrates the magic of the African girl and her potential. A portion of the proceeds from every sale will be used towards our education initiatives for the #AfricanGirl Campaign.

I personally know what happens when girls are overlooked and not encouraged. We get to break the cycle. Purchase a tee and take a stand for your inner African Girl.