Dear Black Girl, Your Magic is Unlimited

Dear Black Girl,

If you haven’t heard already, you are everything!

We have been through a lot haven’t we? Not just this year, but since the beginning of time it seems. On your journey to loving yourself, please be kind and patient with yourself. Self-compassion is your birthright, darling. The only person that is going to save you from your reality is you.

The world that failed you will tell you that you are not enough, but baby girl, you are enough. You are more than enough. You are bold, brave, Black and beautiful. You don’t need permission to be you in your purest form.

They say that girls like us, bold, brave, beautiful girls like us, are just angry. Well, hell yea we’re angry, with everything going on around us, wouldn’t they be angry too?

We are angry because we are not protected.

We are freedom fighters for a world without freedom.

It’s from our anger that we take initiative and make things happen.

We have built businesses that benefit the world from our anger.

We are angry because we have to be everything to everyone, now — often censoring what we say in the process. Needless to say, storing up ones voice changes her.

We don’t have time to think. We just have to go, go, go. We don’t have the luxury of staying in the power of now.

We are trying to heal from the past and hustle for the future with the weight of the world on our shoulders.

We constantly feel like we have to prove something, when we are just trying to stay above water

To the world, FYI, when we appear angry, we are telling you that we feel unseen and unheard. Let us speak. Listen. Embrace us. Respect us.

When the world ignores your existence, dream bigger. When those who you believe will move heaven and earth for you don’t, believe in yourself. Believing in yourself is not and will never be cancelled. Appreciate those who show you that they do, but don’t make that their responsibility. It takes courage to encourage yourself, but you’ve got this. You don’t have to be strong if you don’t want to be, but show up for yourself. You are the Queen and you don’t need a crown to be one. You are royalty. Baby girl, your magic is unlimited.

Society will convince you to believe that you are responsible for society. The scary part about being the one who is responsible for everything is that you are looking for permission to take charge of your life. You’re looking for permission to dare, to be brave, to be bold because you’ve been told to represent and be the pillar for everyone else. When are you going to speak up for yourself, for what you want and for what you believe in?

Beautiful Black girl, don’t let insecure people stop you from shaking the table. Don’t let hungry lowlifes, who have nothing better to do with their time, tell you that you can’t be or do what you want to. Don’t let time wasters laugh at your aspirations or worse, waste your sweet time. Do not make yourself smaller for anybody’s ego. Most importantly, don’t let those voices of doubt from your inner self cause you to shrink yourself. You are amazing, mama, and your goals are just as valid.

Don’t be scared, take risks. Think about achieving that which is beyond your wildest imagination.

Be open.

Dedicate time to your vision.

Develop a habit of ignoring the negative thoughts that may spring up. Replace them with positive and productive thoughts, as you unpack why you are feeling that way in the healthiest of ways.

Cry when you need to cry. Feel all of the feels. Then, when you're ready, remember who you are and conquer the world.

Make time to take care of yourself. Do something nice for you, and only you. Lose the guilt of doing something for yourself.

Seek knowledge, not profit — because anything you touch will be gold.

Start now. There will never be a right time. Stay committed and consistent. Keep going. Your ambition needs your action.

Don’t quit — and if you have to, that’s okay, you are going to be okay. It happens to the best of us. However, let it be on your own accord, because you know that your growth is on a different path.

Do your part to uplift sisterhood.

Secure the self-love. Secure the confidence. Secure the bag. Just live.

Baby girl, you are special. You’re awesome, amazing, beautiful, and everything that you think you want to be. You’re spectacular.

To the good girls who are tired of the world’s unrealistic labels and expectations;

The insecure girls who are growing in confidence.

The girls who feel like they have everything together mentally, physically and emotionally, and just want to maintain their sense of self-worth and peace.

The girls who don’t have everything together or figured out right now, but are trying their best every day.

The baddies who have to remind themselves of their badassery every single day.

The creatives who feel like giving up and are holding onto that one tiny seed of faith.

The loud Black girls who are brave enough to speak up for themselves.

The angry Black women who are fed up with society’s blatant disrespect.

The girls who are parenting and doing their best with or without kids.

The imperfectly perfect brown skin girls whose beauty in every shade and every size is pure magic.

The Black girls and women around the world who need a little encouragement from women and girls like them.

The girls who just need a little fresh air.

This is for you.

You are seen.

You are heard.

You are remarkable.

You matter.

You are loved.

You are phenomenal.

Your thoughts and voices are valid.

You are everything, and then some.


A Black girl