*Afro Girls, Inc. was founded in 2018 by Impact Analyst and girls education advocate Tokunbo Kujore.

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Afro Girls App for Girls
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Making the world better... one smart girl at a time.

Gone are the days when curious pre-teens and teenagers look to adults for answers. Today, our girls are looking to each other and the internet for answers to what matters to them. We re-designed the Smart Girls app (2019 - 2021) to share encouraging messages, that will build self-worth, encourage self-compassion, promote sisterhood and share resources with tween and teenage girls around the world who are looking for smart answers on their smartphones.

Smart Girls will also tackle a number of other challenges including digital inclusion, STEAM and our place in the fourth industrial revolution (4IR), however that looks post pandemic, with partners. 

If our girls are using smartphones, then we want be a source of positivity and a force of good during their experience.