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We envision a world where girls from all socio-economic backgrounds and cultures believe in themselves, have access to quality education and fiercely pursue opportunities that allow them to fulfill their limitless potential. Our work, though customized to cater to the girls in the regions that we serve, reflect our vision tried and true.


52 million girls across Africa are not getting the proper education that they deserve and colorism has become a major challenge affecting effective living. Here's how we are changing this narrative.

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Our initiatives and projects currently build community and provide access to quality education for girls across Africa and the United States. Our recent research and future partnerships in the United Kingdom seek to positively impact education for our girls in the UK. Afro Girls began as a youth development project and grew into a space for girls to fulfill their limitless potential in 2018. Since 2011, we've impacted over 500 girls.


Our efforts aim to provide the necessary resources to ensure wholistic, inclusive, relevant and effective learning outcomes for our girls.

Effective action is at the core of the work that we do. We recognize the organizations creating impact and promote these skills within our girls.

We work to increase young women’s representation and participation in results-driven decision-making processes.

Our enrichment activities foster mentorship, spark creative thinking, entrepreneurship and

problem-solving skills.

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We're equipping our girls (5-17) with the skills and tools to exercise the power of their limitless potential. Learn more and register for our next Leadership Saturday.

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Inspired by former first lady of the United States Michelle Obama’s Let Girls Learn, our new campaign, Let Girls Lead, is a call to action for the advancement of quality and culturally inclusive girls education through effective leadership - from both influencers of change and girls themselves.

Speak up for humanity - take the pledge and make a comittment to supporting girls.

Check out our Led By Girls products that impact the girls that we work with.

Contact us to register your Title I (or equivalent) school or girls organization for our Leadership Program.


In solidarity with our girls, our Let Girls Lead campaign is our response to taking a holistic approach to girls education and building back better.

52 million girls across Africa are not getting the proper education that they deserve. Here's our open letter to our future women, leaders and changemakers. 

If men had periods, would period poverty exist? Here are 8 Menstrual Health Advocacy Organizations Impacting Women and Girls in Africa during COVID-19



Our partners go the distance. We are committed to promoting and investing in schools and organizations who are doing the groundwork to advocate for girls and advance girls education. Our partners currently positively impact girls and communities in the US, Kenya, Democratic Republic of Congo, Tanzania.

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Education Equality for Black Girls Around the World


We are committed to achieving Sustainable Development Goals 4 and 5 - Quality Education and Gender Equality. Our work has been recognized by various changemakers and we've worked with a number of global organizations who are working to end poverty around the world by 2030, with longterm goals for 2063 in Africa.

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App for Girls | Afro Girls

Making the world better... one smart girl at a time.

Gone are the days when curious pre-teens and teenagers look to adults for answers. Today, our girls are looking to each other and the internet for answers to what matters to them. We re-designed the Smart Girls app to share encouraging messages, that will build self-worth, encourage self-compassion, promote sisterhood and share resources with tween and teenage girls around the world who are looking for smart answers on their smartphones. Find out more about the Smart Girls app here.