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Hey hey! We're leading leaders and investing in our girls over here at Afro Girls Lead!


It goes without saying that Afro Girls Lead has evolved over the years. Though challenging, this journey has been beautiful. We put a lot of pressure on ourselves and the platform in the early days to respond to every global challenge from the lens of protecting our girls, but now we're at a place where we've realized that AGL can do so much more for our girls with a targeted and simplified approach. 


On the global stage, decision makers use a copy and paste formula to focus on only a couple of challenges that affect our girls. What they don’t focus on however is the little voice that drives them. 


At the core of every girl is the voice that she has to develop to tell her that she’s doing amazing, to keep going and to believe in herself. As girls become women, that voice, if not nurtured, becomes immature. Beyond confidence, our girls have to do twice the work than their counterparts to believe that someday, one day, they will be able to experience that which they imagine. The words that she tells herself become her guide. They become the magic she needs to believe in her ability to be someone great despite her circumstances. They become her shield to the naysayers who don’t understand why getting a fair education with her peers is valuable; and they become her fuel to lead in spaces where she is not respected. 


As AGL keeps education at the forefront of our work, We’ve decided to focus on nurturing that voice which ultimately impacts every part of who our girls are, no matter where they’re from. Our priority is to continue leading leaders and investing in our girls, so we’re using our presence, on and offline, to learn and grow with our girls, one seed at a time. We suspect that as we focus on our focus and continue to support the causes that protect their futures, we can positively impact even more of our girls and even the women who inspire them.


We’re looking forward to sharing our assemblies, new goodies and moments that inspire joy. Thank you for riding with us! 💛

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