Through our work, research, partnerships and programming, we create awareness and sustainable solutions around the challenges Black girls and girls of color face in their pursuit of education in different parts of the world.

Our programming, messaging and partnerships work to amplify their voices, stories, education and overall being.

52 million girls across Africa are not getting the proper education that they deserve We're tackling these challenges along with the challenges we overlook, such as colorism and cultural & societal setbacks.

Black girls in America still face significant barriers to quality education due to systemic ineqaualities and adultification. We're working to change this narrative.

Black girls in the UK face challenging experiences in school due to the lack of understanding about cultural traits and practices. Our work in the Uk, through research and partnerships work towards changing this reality.

*Afro Girls, Inc. was founded in 2018 by Impact Analyst and girls education advocate Tokunbo Kujore.

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